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DRIVEvue | Software | Image Display Processing

Automotive displays are viewed under rapidly varying lighting conditions. Drivers strain to see and correctly interpret the content in these extreme conditions because our eyes see colour and contrast differently depending on ambient light, age and other factors. IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) addresses this perceptual challenge. IRYStec’s PDP offering can help sell more vehicles and help maintain higher profit margins by providing:

DRIVEvue key Benefits 

  Improved readability in bright light driving conditions, reducing driver display dwell time and increasing driver safety.

  Improved readability in dark driving conditions, reducing the cabin brightness and reducing the impact on driver's night vision increasing safety.

 Reduced display brightness of 50%+, reducing power and heat, prolonging the life of the display panel and reducing battery drain for electric vehicles.

 A platform approach to add more features like age based adjustment of content to continuously improve the display reading experience.

 A reliable software solution that enables rapid low cost integration of new features. OS and GPU agnostic.

IRYStec's DRIVEvue is a safety feature: straining to read the screen takes a driver's eyes off the road. This application is designed to improve the readability of automotive displays in bright and dark driving conditions, so that the length of time that a driver's gaze is fixated on the display (dwell time) can be reduced by 60-70%.

The following slider simulates a vehicle infotainment view in a dark environment, with and without IRYStec DRIVEvue.


The following slider simulates the rear view camera in a bright environment, with and without IRYStec DRIVEvue.