Senior FPGA/ASIC Designer







Bachelor’s in Electrical or Computer Engineering

  • 5 years of experience in FPGA/ASIC design
  • Strong Knowledge in Image Processing
  • 3 years of experience with Implementation Optimization
  • Works well in a team and can contribute daily to the team’s success.
  • Not afraid to be the resource for everything hardware design and hardware optimization in the team.
  • Ability to establish priorities and estimate deadline.
  • Ability to verify and test implementations against requirements and customer’s safety critical applications
  • Ability to keep up with current and new technologies to ensure innovation and leading-edge solutions


The R&D team is composed of software engineers and image processing researchers, looking to expand the software only solution to provide a hardware optimization of our technologies. As our team’s first FPGA/ASIC Designer, you should be a self-starter, ready to work from the ground up and to be a hardware advocate to a team eager to learn about it.

Company Overview

Faurecia IRYStec Inc., a recent acquire by Faurecia, is a highly innovative technology company, maintaining that startup feel within a big company. The goal and focus is to revolutionize the display viewing experience in automotive displays, addressing the need for enhanced visibility, improved safety, reduced display panel cost, power saving and reduced heat with our leading perceptual display technologies.

About Faurecia: Faurecia is a French global automotive supplier headquartered in Nanterre, in the western suburbs of Paris. In 2018, it was the 9th largest international automotive parts manufacturer in the world and #1 for vehicle interiors and emission control technology. One in three automobiles is equipped by Faurecia. Faurecia’s revenue was north of 17 billion EUR in 2018.

What you will do:

  • Get to know IRYStec’s image processing algorithms and suggest implementation solutions in FPGA or ASIC.
  • Deep dive into IRYStec’s image processing algorithms, to design and implement hardware optimized solution (FPGA/ASIC).
  • Thoroughly verify and test implementation so it complies with our customer’s safety critical applications.
  • Ability to establish priorities and estimate deadline.
  • Align with the EU ASIC team to apply, and update if needed, the existing development process.
  • Mentor and educate the team about hardware specificity so we can create software that will be more optimizable.
  • Contribute to the team’s daily planning and design with your own “hardware point of view”.
  • Keep an eye on the latest technological trends to ensure we innovate as much as we can.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions on how we can extend or improve our technology.
  • Daily bidirectional coaching and training: Some days you will teach us stuff, other days, it will be the other way around.


  • Bachelor’s in Electrical or Computer Engineering
  • 5 years of experience in FPGA/ASIC design.
  • You are not afraid to be the resource for everything regarding hardware optimization in the team, we want to learn about this, and you will be key to this.
  • Image processing. Most of what we do in this team relates to pixels. You are comfortable playing, changing, and filtering those pixels.
  • You absolutely like to learn. A new algorithm, a new tool, a new piece of hardware, what about a whole new field? You don’t have to think it is easy to learn, but you should definitely enjoy it.
  • Humility: We are an R&D team, so we try a lot of stuff. Which means that sometimes we fail and sometimes we are wrong. We expect you to fail and be wrong too!
  • Supportive attitude towards others and ability to influence them positively

We provide:

  • Flex time. For us, Flex time is not just about working hours, it is about days off. Align with your manager when:
    • Plumber is coming at your house; you can work from home.
    • Family emergency, take a day off, do not need to shorten your vacations.
    • And if you are sick, please stay home… And come back full strength when you are better.
  • Learning environment.
    • In-house specialists in different fields that are ready to share their knowledge
    • A Technical Advisory Board of world-renowned experts Professors from top universities like Cambridge and Oxford working with us on a regular basis.
    • Trainings, conferences, books… We want you to grow with us.
  • Diverse environment.
  • Fun environment. Basically: We just enjoy working together!

Please provide:

  • Your Resume
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