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In the last decade, display devices have gone through a Cambrian explosion of form factors, display technologies and image processing techniques. In parallel, use cases for displays have expanded into hand-held, outdoor, automotive and many other markets. Finally, video content now comes from a wide range of sources including professional cinematic content, live broadcast and user generated content – the latter introducing a plethora of camera modes and post-processing filters. This creates a need a for a sophisticated video processing solution that integrates device characteristics, environmental conditions, content properties, and personal attributes of the viewer to deliver the best image experience possible. We call this IRYStec™ Perceptual Display Platform Vision™ (PDP Vision).

Elie Daher, CFO
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Industry Recognition

“My design team is focused on improving the driving experience and safety for HMC customers. The display has grown in its importance in terms of driving experience with visibility being critical for safer driving.  We have been working with IRYStec on their PDP technology to improve the display experience and are impressed how we can dynamically and in real time improve readability of content on an automotive display in dark and bright driving conditions making the experience better, but also safer.  We look forward to the release of DRIVEvue SDK automotive version in 2018”

Mr. SG Kim
, Hyundai Motors

“We are excited about the huge multi-market potential of IRYStec’s innovative technology. Their Perceptual Display Platform technology is a game changer with solid benefits for consumers in terms of improved viewing experiences on all displays”

Larry Lam
Larry Lam
, BDC Venture Capital

“The world of displays has seen massive advancements in the last decade including the introduction of HDR technology first developed by BrightSide. IRYStec is leading the next phase of that evolution towards human-optimized displays. I anticipate that the vast majority of displays in the near future will be perceptually smart by taking advantage of IRYStec’s Perceptual Display Platform to improve readability, reduce eye strain and reduce power.”

Helge Seetzen
, Founder & CEO BrightSide and TandemLaunch

“Our collaborative research with AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that the latest automotive infotainment systems increase the potential for distraction, by taking the driver’s eyes off the road. Two second viewing time is enough to double the risk for a crash, according to previous research. IRYStec’s approach of improving readability in dark and bright driving conditions can help and has the real potential for improving driving safety.”

Francesco Biondi
Francesco Biondi
, Researcher from the University of Utah commissioned by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

“IRYStec’s eye friendly approach to improving display readability in bright and dark lighting conditions as well as reducing eye strain will benefit everyone. IRYStec is helping display device manufacturers develop healthier displays.”

Dr Tyler Ohde
Partner & Managing Director, Grandier Co.

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