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Display devices dominate our lives, as we are permanently connected, and our routines are integrated and organized through digital devices. More than 2.5 billion display devices are manufactured every year yet despite huge technological advancements, they still don’t account effectively for how humans see in varying light conditions and how unique the individual visual perception of the world is. Display devices are in a sense unintelligent. We all know that we have night vision, but we also have room vision and bright light vision. In direct sunlight we find that a tablet display looks foggy and the displayed content appears to lose contrast. Also, the effective age of our eyes is not being considered, as our eyes age, we see less contrast and our view of color shifts.

Today’s display panel manufacturing and the amazing content is specifically designed for a studio viewing environment and for a young person’s eyes. Additionally, many people have eye deficiencies like color blindness. It has become evident that an important piece of the viewing experience is missing – perception – the physiology of our personal visual system needs to be accounted for to ensure content is seen as intended, at the point of perception.

Perceptual Display Platform Vision – PDP Vision

IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision – PDP Vision
The world’s first software platform that intelligently and dynamically adapts the displayed content, to the ambient light, to the panel technology, and it is personalized according to the driver’s unique vision; delivering a safer and more power efficient in-car viewing experience.

As displays dominate the automotive interior this also becomes a safety concern for designers and critical to the consumer’s car buying decision. Automotive OEMs recognize that the control of both, a. the screen real estate and b. the displayed content, is strategically important to their ability to benefit from this automotive value transformation.

“IRYStec PDP Vision is leading in a completely new play field in image processing where display quality and performance are measured on a perceptual level”, Simon Morris, IRYStec Software, CEO.

IRYStec is leading the introduction of a new class of image processing technology that enables display devices to adapt to their viewing environment, to the viewer’s unique vision, to the various types of content and to the display panel hardware technology. The result is a superior viewing experience that can lead to lower power, heat and cost on display devices. IRYStec’s team has developed the world’s first light weight software based intelligent content rendering engine. This innovative technology addresses some of the most challenging automotive display issues and the ability to positively impact the lives of millions of people.

Perceptual Display Platform (IRYStec PDP Vision)Perceptual Image Processing | Software

PDP Vision is a customizable, scalable and OS-agnostic software development kit (SDK) that hosts the various perceptual algorithms/products that a customer decides to deploy in their display device. PDP Vision enables performance efficient synergistic execution of multiple perceptual algorithms to operate on the same content simultaneously and in real-time.

IRYStec DRIVEvueViewing Adapted to Environment

DRIVEvue-Bright and DRIVEvue-Dark are the first PDP Vision- based products. DRIVEvue significantly improves visibility in bright and dark driving conditions beyond the ability of today displays of adapting the content to how a driver’s eyes work in dark & bright environments. The benefit is improved visibility and superior user experience, while improving safety. DRIVEvue may also be deployed to reduce power/heat and cost in automotive displays.

IRYStec MYvueViewing Personalized

MYvue-Age is the first product that dynamically adjusts the content based on viewer’s age or preference. As we age, our cornea’s yellow, shifting how we see colour and, as we age, our eye lens hardens reducing significantly our contrast sensitivity. Based on a simple calibration step, MYvue-Age will personalize the content and display viewing experience to produce a more pleasing UX, and it will make it easier for the driver to view and interpret content.

Perceptual Display Platform (IRYStec PDP Vision)IRYStec PDP Vision – Revolutionizing the Display Viewing Experience

Watch our most recent video and discover why automotive OEMs and Tier-1s are embracing this technology and how it is aligned to their strategy as connected cars of the future.

IRYStec Display Viewing Experience Redefined Video

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