Helge Seetzen: The impact of the display industry @Display Week 2019

Watch Helge Seetzen, Founder & CEO BrightSide and #TandemLaunch, discuss the impact of the display industry, one of the biggest industries in the world.

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At the Point of Perception: A Novel Software Approach to Ensuring Automotive Display Content is Seen as Intended

“The screens are the window to the digital world“, said Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer for Daimler AG, “Screens are the new horsepower.“ Automotive displays are becoming the main interface for the driver and passengers with the outside world. We are witnessing an increase in critical vehicle data, navigation information and entertainment information consolidation, and

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IRYStec Display Viewing Experience Redefined Video

The pace of Innovation is moving faster than anyone ever imaged, particularly when looking at the advancements in the automotive cockpit. Automotive displays such as Infotainment and cluster systems are becoming integral features to the connected car of the future.

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Webinars & Podcasts

What is Healthy Computer and Human Interaction? Frontrunner Podcast Series

Simon Morris and Tara Akhavan are the CEO and CTO of IRYStec. They discuss the need for healthy machine-human interaction and take an interdisciplinary approach to produce a measurable human health improvement when using computer displays.

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Gender Diversity WIT with Tara Akhavan

Why is Gender Diversity a Critical Factor for Securing Long-Term Success? Dr. Tara Akhavan Sheds light on the Importance of Women in Leadership Roles

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The Rise of Automobile Screens: The New Horsepower

The automotive industry has witnessed a dramatic shift driven by the convergence of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) and the changing consumer behavior opening the door to new opportunities for OEMs and Tier-1s.

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White Papers

Solving Challenges and Improving the Performance of Automotive Displays

Read about Tara Akhavan, IRYStec’s
founder and CTO, and her team present a software solution that they say can improve user experience exponentially!

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A unified Color and Contrast Age-Dependent Visual Content Adaptation

Human color and contrast perception differ from person to person, not only in terms of vision deficiency, but also among color-normal observers. However, this variability is not taken into account in current display technologies, and it is assumed that a single average standard observer can represent the entire population.

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