IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision (PDP Vision)

The world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier-1s are turning to IRYStec’s multi-award-winning technology to help them solve their most challenging display issues.

IRYStec’s Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) is a customizable and scalable software solution that integrates seamlessly into the primary automotive display systems – instrument clusters, center stacks, side displays and head-up displays.

IRYStec’s innovative technology provides drivers and passengers with the world’s first software platform that intelligently adapts the displayed content to the ambient light, to the panel technology, and it is personalized according to the driver’s unique vision; delivering a safer and more power efficient in-car viewing experience.

PDP Frontline technology

Frontline Technology

IRYStec’s PDP is the first technology in the market that replicates the way the human  visual system processes and perceives information. It renders images in real-time to match the unique interaction between the driver and the display delivering the best viewing experience possible.

Scalable OEM Investements

Leveraging on its platform development approach, IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform is fully scalable and customizable, as it allows for growth based on customer’s needs, leading to lower maintenance and implementation costs and future-proofs OEM investments.

Faster Time to Market

IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform, is a software-based solution that seamlessly integrates into the OS of any applications processor platform. It can be deployed as an update to a production system thus reducing the time of release cycles and implementation.