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IRYStec MYvueViewing Personalized

IRYStec™ MYvue™ is one in a family of patent pending perceptual display processing software products from IRYStec Software running within the IRYStec Perceptual Display Platform Vision (PDP Vision) framework.

IRYStec PDP Vision is the first ever generic, customizable and scalable image processing software SDK that can run multiple perception related algorithms simultaneously. Based on the four different influencers of display perception – The ambient lighting, the panel technology, the user’s unique visual system and the content. MYvue allows for the best possible user experience and integrates seamlessly on the primary automotive display systems – instrument clusters and infotainment displays.

Automotive OEM and Tier 1 Benefits

Superior UX

IRYStec MYvue renders content in real-time and it is personalized according to the effective age of the driver’s eyes providing an experience that is unique to both driver and passengers.

Enhanced Safety

In synergy with the OEMs and Tier-1s safety strategy, IRYStec world-leading technology ensures a safer, more calm driving experience, as it improves visibility and readability, by compensating eye aging of color and sharpness for faster interpretation of data. The displayed content is rendered according to the drivers needs and it is pre-set after the first use.

IRYStec MYvue is dedicated to maintaining the perceived image quality on display devices for all age groups. It is proven that how we perceive content on displays depends heavily on the viewer’s personalized visual system. Psychophysical and physiological research studies show that there are many different aspects to our personalized vision. Some of the most important aspects of our personalized visual system are age and gender as well as color and vision deficiencies. For example, about 10% of men are color blind, IRYStec’s solution has the capability of adjusting the content to these viewer’s specific visual needs on the fly. Aging also affects our vision capability. As we age the yellowing of the cornea of our eyes and other visual changes affect our visual perception and our perception of white. Most importantly as we age our contrast sensitivity reduces non-linearly making it more difficult to make out details.

IRYStec MYvue is licensed as a product in the form of a module for the PDP Software Development Kit (SDK). The module consists of a set of perceptual image processing and computer vision algorithms that adapts the content characteristics rendered on displays in real time.